Death Below is a TPS shooter where the goal is to Close all of the doors from where the zombies come from. To do this you can pick up planks, and to kill the zombies you can pick up differents weapons and shoot them

Gameplay Video and difficulty

Difficulty Gestion

The difficulty can be selected by the player. Difficulty change value of the games like mobs health points while trying to keep the same sensation to the player. This is done by a difficulty Manager who will make the game spawned more ammo if one of your weapon are empty and some other tricks like that.

AI Programmation


The zombies follow a behaviour tree, where they choose an action dependant on the last things they feel with a priority parameter. For exemple if they hear a sound they will start to go to the emmiting point but if they see the player they will start to follow him instead. There is also spacialised dommage, if you shoot a zombie in the leg they will go slower and in the head they will take more damage. Same for the boss.